Common Patient Concerns

My teeth are discolored. What's causing this, and what can I do to whiten them?

Tooth discoloration comes in two varieties - internal and external.

Internal Discoloration

Interal DiscolorationInternal Discoloration: Internal discoloration can be the natural genetically determined color of your teeth or can be caused by certain drugs like tetracycline when taken while the teeth are forming.

Solution: These two types of discoloration typically don't respond to simple teeth whitening procedures and often require veneers or crowns to resolve the problem.

Dead Tooth: Another internal discoloration results when the nerve inside a tooth dies and subsequently discolors an individual tooth.

Solution: Remove the dead nerve and bleach the inside of the tooth or cover the outside with a crown.

External Discoloration

External StainingExternal Discoloration: External discoloration occurs over time as our teeth are exposed to foods and liquids of color which can stain.

Solution: This type of discoloration often does respond to simple teeth whitening procedures and products.

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