Common Patient Concerns

I'm experiencing tooth pain. What could be causing it?

Tooth sensitivity is commonly associated with one of the following:

Root exposure - gum tissue has receded exposing the more sensitive root surface.

Solution: Fluoride toothpastes for sensitive teeth, or the application of varnishes and desensitizing agents by a dentist.

• An excessively high bite on a dental restoration.

Solution: Shorten the tall restoration.

Cracked teeth - Often times exhibit some form of biting pressure sensitivity in addition to cold sensitivity.

Solution: Depending on the severity of the crack, treatment solutions include a crown, the possibility of a root canal and, in severe cases, removal of the tooth.

Nerve in the process dying - Here the cold sensitivity lingers for a longer time after the cold stimulus is gone and may even cause throbbing.

Solution: Remove the dying nerve.

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