Patient 1

I sought information for dental repair more medical than appearance-based. My front teeth were simply wearing away, and getting shorter at an alarming rate! My bite was not correct. My teeth were always "looking for a home" to rest comfortably. If I didn't get a proper repair, I feared I'd be left with just stubs where my front teeth should have been. The final look mattered, but a proper fix was desired.

Because my front teeth were part of the work I needed done, I wanted a dentist who was both a technical expert and an artist. These crowns would be with me the rest of my life and I wanted them to be perfect. I'd heard about Dr. Rohloff on WHO radio's Van and Bonnie show. They were pleased with the work Dr. Rohloff did, and since they're both in the public eye, I know the result would have to be beautiful as well as correct.

On my first visit, I was amazed at the time Dr. Rohloff spent with me, reviewing the work he'd done on others with problems similar to mine, and making sure I had time to ask and answer all of my questions. For the year I was going through the extensive reconstruction, he treated me as if I were his only patient. He never seemed rushed, and made sure in each subsequent appointment that I was satisfied with the work as it progressed and was comfortable with what would happen next.

My confidence in him came from his commitment to get it right! Rather than simply jumping in to apply crowns, he spent considerable time working on my bite, after explaining that just like in building a house, if the foundation isn't right, the rest of the work will always be sub par. His commitment to technical perfection showed when he sent a particular set of crowns back to the lab three times until he was sure the color was perfect. On two different occasions dental hygienists from other practices saw the temporaries Dr. Rohloff had created for me to wear while the lab made my permanent crowns. Each hygienist told me my temps were more beautiful than the finished product their offices produced.

Dr. Rohloff's staff made the experience a joy. They were committed from the start to my comfort and convenience. What times worked best for me was their most important scheduling criteria. Also, Dr. Rohloff's office is well equipped with a comfortable dental chair, music, movies. everything I needed to make the time in treatment pass quickly.

Though the technical work was amazing, I got the added bonus of coming away with an Extreme Makeover smile! A greeter at Wal-Mart said, "You have the most beautiful smile," and now hugs me when she sees me. I've smiled all my life but never got unsolicited hugs from strangers in response to my smile. Many people I meet won't ever see my home or other parts of my life - all they know of me is my appearance, and my face opens the door to my personality. I love knowing I have a bright, attractive smile to share.

The saying, "You get what you pay for," is true. When I saw the total estimate for the work I needed done, it sounded like a lot of money because I already had paid a lot for dental work at another office and it needed to be done again. When I started with Dr. Rohloff, I felt confident he would give me lasting results and realized I was investing in my health. The results have paid more than health dividends, increased confidence in my appearance is a wonderful bonus. Dr. Rohloff and his staff became real partners in creating both of these outcomes.

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