Patient 2

I decided to come to Lifetime Dental Solutions because my mother had crown work done by Dr. Rohloff. I had an accident in college and had veneers put on my two front teeth. Years later one of them sheared off. Dr. Adam discovered my bite was off, which caused the first veneer to break.

I was never happy with the color or the shape of the two veneers I had put on previously. Dr. Adam really took the time to match the color, and to make sure the shape and the size were right for the other teeth in my mouth. Deb, the color specialist, did an awesome job, as you can tell, my pearly whites are great!

One of the things that I like the most when I come to the office is the comfortable feeling...they are just normal people. When I walked in there, everyone was friendly and I felt like I fit in and I enjoyed the experience. The best part of the whole process was the end result. Every day I look into the mirror and see my beautiful new teeth. I get compliments all the time on how perfect they are and I don't tell people they are veneers, that they are fake. They are much better than the original teeth that I was born with. I have a better end result.

I would recommend Lifetime Dental to anyone because of the staff, the service, and the quality of work they do is excellent. I am a satisfied customer. My Mom is, too!!

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