Patient 3

I initially came to see Dr. Rohloff because I was experiencing some ongoing dental issues. general dental neglect and also some severe tooth-grinding.

Dr. Rohloff initially gave me an outline of what he wanted to do. He wanted to review my current dental health situation, give me an honest evaluation of what he thought needed to be done now and what he thought I might want to look at in the future. He explained how he would actually fix the teeth and then what an ongoing maintenance plan would look like. Together we then set up a game plan to tackle the issues.

After I had the work done, I have noticed that the tooth grinding issue has been resolved. My teeth were basically realigned. The desire to grind my teeth has been eliminated. I have had several folks comment on the appearance of my much nicer they look. what a great job he did.where did I have it done? I certainly have passed along Dr. Rohloff's name.

The experience here at Lifetime Dental Solutions has been fantastic. Dr. Rohloff is a very personable dentist, very professional. The assistants that I have had along the way have been extremely knowledgeable and friendly. My concern from previous dental experiences was probably what everyone else has, the fear of going to the dentist, the pain, etc. Dr. Rohloff does an excellent job making sure all of those issues are covered. You don't have to worry about it when you are in his chair.

The one difference I have noticed with Dr. Rohloff and what really keeps me coming back is he has been extremely honest, upfront, and just totally open about the game plan that I would need to fix my teeth. They have been very diligent about making sure that I kept up with my maintenance program. I come back to see him for checkups and when we are ready to take the next step to finish what ever my teeth need, I know he will be there.

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