Patient 5

The reason I came to see Dr. Rohloff is because I listen to Van and Bonnie in the morning and they just kept talking about Dr. Rohloff . I knew he had to be great or Van and Bonnie wouldn't have said that. I was impressed and I still am.

The reason I came was just to find out what I really needed to have done. We met and he told me what I needed. We then went from there.

I have completed all my upper teeth and have not had any problems. I was so impressed to think that I could spend the whole day and get so much accomplished. He did everything I needed and I am so very, very pleased.

I have had many compliments. Many have asked where I had the work done.

I am excited to get the bottom teeth finished. I have two implants to go. Before coming to Dr. Rohloff, I had two other implants placed elsewhere and had a lot of problems. The two that Dr. Rohloff and his oral surgeon, Dr. Vannucci, have placed have been absolutely marvelous.

The scenery is beautiful and relaxing. The office help is absolutely great and I love the way Dr. Rohloff is so personal and just himself. I couldn't ask for anything more!

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